The ocean floor, salt and sand, 
        Lacking waves: no more a sea. 

        Drying earth breaks, cracks of death 
        Split the land: integrity deny. 

        Sea birds flocking, circle flight, 
        The ships afloat no longer feed. 

        Sun-drenched wind forms hill on hill, 
        Sordid mealtime: wolves at hand. 

        Thirst and hunger, arms of death, 
        Artifacts of bone supply. 

        Tiresome toil, warm soles by night, 
        Heat-sights: terror; bright heat: sleep. 

        Revived, it dies, the river's edge; 
        The Phoenix rising, seeks its life. 

        Seam of giving, flowing seaward, 
        Seeking new life, righting old. 

        Rushing whiteness, swirls around 
        Land is gone; Roiling: the world. 

        Sight dimming, fog inside. 
        Taste and sound no longer felt. 

        Deep breath heavy, damping thoughts, 
        To drink: salvation; to breathe: demise. 

        Current carries, seaward home, 
        No cares: floating: journey done. 

copyright by Charlie Van Becelaere, administered by Grand Teuton Press, all rights reserved